My Song for 2012


Each year for the past few, I’ve been picking a song for the year.  It’s kind of like that idea of picking your word for each year but instead, sort of a “theme song” that expresses what you want out of it.  For example, in the past couple years I’ve picked ones like Firework by Katy Perry and Defying Gravity.  Here is my song for 2012 – it took me a while to find just the right one but this one says it all “Don’t let your feet touch ground and don’t look down” – my motto for this year!

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What or Whom Do You Wish to Make Peace With?


Well I suppose that there are people out there, ex-friends, with whom I wish I could make peace.  It’s not for lack of me trying either.  They simply aren’t interested.  It’s not that I want to have them in my life again or that I miss their presence because it became very clear that we aren’t meant to be part of each other’s worlds as we are just too different but I suppose I would like to make peace with them simply because knowing someone is out there with ill feelings towards me just doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m a caring person who tries to be good to others and I never mean to cause hurt feelings.  But, if the other party is unwilling to make the attempt, there’s little that I can do about it.  So, while I haven’t made peace with them, I have made peace with myself and the situation.  Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else weighing on me that I feel the need to rectify and find peace with….and that in itself is a very comforting feeling.  To see others’ wishes, go here:


In Japan, on the second day of the new year, many families take part in Kakizome, “first writing”.  They use long strips of paper and prepare ink by mixing an ink stick with water.  Each person then uses a brush and writes out a favourite poem or proverb.  This is both a way of practising and showing improvement in their calligraphy (if they do an especially nice job it will be placed on display in the home) as well as a way of greeting the new year with positive thoughts.

When I read about this custom, it was particularly fitting that I had just read a quote that I liked and felt spoke to me.   Then, several more appeared and each one seemed like a personal message directed at me.  So, I decided to do my own version of Kakizome, using more of a digital subway art format as you can see here:


The Month of Possibility

The other day I posted about how I look at “regrouping” instead of making resolutions over on my Cynchronicity blog:  Instead of having a deadline of January 1st for setting goals or making changes, I look at what works with my life and how it flows.  That being said, January is often a great time for me to regroup because the fall and going through the holidays is often so busy.  Then once New Year’s Day is over, there’s a peaceful gentle little lull in my life.  I have lots of time to reflect and plan.


This wheel asks you “How bumpy is your ride?”.  By looking at the diagram you can easily see how in or out of balance the different areas of your life are.  For example, when you look at mine, you can see that I’m fairly well balanced in most areas except significant other/romance, health, and physical environment which are lacking.  One thing I might take away from this is that I really need to make changes to my home – have maintenance work done, take care of and organize some areas so that they are easier for me to maintain on my own.

One of the exercises I like to do when I’m taking stock and regrouping is to create a personal life assessment wheel.  This wheel helps me to think about the areas of my life and how satisfied I am with their current direction.  I have done these before on my own but recently, I came across a website that actually has a tool for creating these wheels – even easier than creating your own (ok the thought “why reinvent the wheel” just popped into my head! Ha!).    Here’s the PDF for it:  There’s also a professional version to use for your business here:  See the diagram pictured above for an example.


I’m also taking part in Andrea Schroeder’s Month of Possibility over at The Creative Magic Academy.  Her classes and blog are wonderfully inspiring and I always feel so uplifted by her words.  To quote her, this Month of Possibility is “A month filled with explorations, experiments, lessons, inspirations, clue-finding missions and special goodies that help you deepen your relationship with possibility.”  Check out the link if you’d like to join in:  I’ll be blogging about my Month of Possibility here so stay tuned!

Simple Woman’s Daybook for January 1, 2012


Outside my window…it is rainy…temps are mild for this time of year in London, Ontario, Canada

I am thinking… about the new year…about making the most of it!

I am thankful…for the company of Sam and Graham….I love the laughter that abounds when they’re around…..I’m also thankful that the dog seems to be feeling better

In the kitchen…I just made Rudolph the rednosed reindeer pancakes for brunch and now have homemade Chex Mix in the oven

I am wearing…well, at the moment I still have on my red flannel pjs!

I am creating…I’ve been working on some collage/journals this morning

I am going…to Graham’s grandparents’ house for Hogmanay

I am wondering…about that report that they’ve documented pandas (known to be vegetarians) eating meat – could this be some kind of evolutionary survival thing?

I am reading…S is for Silence by Sue Grafton – a Christmas gift from my daughter

I am hoping…to be rid of these daily weather induced migraines

I am looking forward to…seeing a special friend very soon

I am hearing…the dog barking at strangers walking past the house…this is actually comforting because it reinforces my satisfaction that she is no longer sick

Around the house…I need to get caught up on chores.  After the holidays and then our jaunt to Toronto, things have fallen behind a bit.

I am pondering…my business plans for the coming year

One of my favorite things…my Kindle has become a constant companion!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I have my show Cynchronicity Live on Wednesday night, we need to go apply for Sam’s passport, I have to get some work done on the car, and I’m hoping the workers are going to start on the new roof.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


Paul Peel’s After the Bath, 1890….I got to see this again while in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  It’s amazing how much joy I feel just being able to take it in in person!

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

So many there that I could relate to, at least at one time or another in my life but I think the ones that hit home the most with me as priorities as 2011 comes to an end are: Stop spending time with the wrong people, stop putting your own needs on the back burner, stop trying to be someone you’re not (to please others),  stop letting others bring you down to their level.

Check out the list and see if it gives you any food for thought.