Thanksgiving Update…aka dealing with those leftovers!

More on what to do with those leftovers: 

Turkey, brie, and apple sandwich

 Turkey Quesadillas with Cranberry and Brie (can ya tell we are big brie fans around here? 😉


4 lg. flour tortillas (the 10”/burrito size ones)

4 T. Dijon mustard

about ¼ lb. sliced leftover turkey

½ cup leftover cranberry sauce (cranberry chutney is good here too)

8 thick slices of Brie (about 1 oz. each)

salt and pepper

1 T. olive oil

Directions:  Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.  Spread one side of each tortilla with 1 T. of the Dijon.  Divide the turkey evenly among each of the tortillas and place on top of the mustard.  Top with about 2T. cranberry sauce and layer on 2 slices of Brie per sandwich.  Season with salt and pepper.  Fold up the tortillas and press to seal the edges.  Brush each quesadilla all over with olive oil and place on rimmed baking sheets.  Bake for 10-15 minutes, rotating sheets ½ way through until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are golden brown.  Let cool for 5 minutes prior to slicing into wedges.  You might want to serve with additional cranberry sauce or chutney on the side for dipping!

 Lemon Scented Turkey Salad

 Rocco DiSpirito’s Thanksgiving Egg Cake – don’t let this name fool you! It’s not a cake in the traditional sense.  This isn’t a sweet recipe nor is it a dessert.  It’s a main dish made with traditional Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes.  The preparation of it reminds me of the manner in which my mom used to prepare corned beef hash for my dad.

 Five Layer Turkey Dip

 I realized in yesterday’s post that my focus of Thanksgiving leftover recipes was all on turkey.  Well in my family turkey is not the most popular dish.  My dad never cared for it and my daughter isn’t that crazy about it either so I try to always prepare a ham as well.  Here are some recipes for that leftover ham too!

 Ham and cheese strata

Ham and Spinach Turnovers with Cider Mustard Dipper

 Ham and Swiss Lasagna

 Ham and Scallion Scones with Lemon Herb Cheese


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