Paws, Claws, and More


Sugarplum in the kitchen cabinet we fondly refer to as The Sugar Shack

I suppose I should begin this post with a brief explanation of why this topic is important to me.  We never had dogs when I was growing up.  In fact, other than the typical fish, budgies, and hamsters, my parents weren’t really keen on having pets at all.  I am sure they were somewhat less than enthusiastic when my sister brought home a kitten when I was about 11, but that set up a bit of a precedent and we had cats from then on. 


Midnight thinks he's my baby and insists on "holding hands" when we go to sleep!

Years later, I have still have cats in my home but much like most of the rest of my family I have become a dog-lover too.  My sister recently admitted to me that she had been scared of dogs when she was a kid. Huh.  I hadn’t known that before and was surprised to find that out since I had been somewhat afraid of them too, especially big dogs.  We trace this back to some particularly distasteful experiences we had with some Saint Bernards in our extended family.  I suppose some of that transferred in some way to my daughter, as when she was younger, she was afraid of them too!


Patches feeling very clever for having stolen the dog's bed

Four years ago, an acquaintance was selling purebred German Shepherd puppies and through him we were introduced to our gorgeous Trinity.  I love our cats and feel a bond with them, but the bond with a dog is different in some way.  Trin is 80-some pounds of unadulterated affection and unconditional love.  Perhaps that sums up the differences the best – at least in the way I have experienced having both cats and now a dog.  While our cats seem to eventually forgive us for any slights, real or perceived (our cat Patches wouldn’t come near me for over a year after I attempted to put a harness on him so we could leash him while traveling), the dog never seems to be upset with us in the first place.  You can step on her tail and of course her instant reaction will be to yelp in pain but just as quickly she is wagging her tail and attempting to give out kisses.


Trinity our gentle giant

I am always trying to seek out new ways of doing what’s best for our furry friends.  The dog and cats have their share of health issues and I want them to be comfortable and happy and with us for as long as possible.  As I gather up these ideas, I will be sharing them on my new blog, Paws, Claws, and More!

Here’s a favourite recipe to get you started:

Beefy Dog Biscuits:


2 jars (3 1/2 ounces each) strained beef baby food

1/4 cup dry powdered milk

1/2 cup wheat germ

Directions:  Simply mix all ingredients together.  Roll into 24 small balls and place these on a greased cookie sheet.  Flatten each of the balls with a fork.  Bake in a 350 degree F oven for approximately 25-30 minutes, until brown.  Let cool completely before serving.


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