First Aid Kit for Dogs (and cats)

Obviously, when your dog is ill or has a major injury, it is always important to take them to a vet right away but anyone who owns a dog knows that everyday cuts and scrapes will happen.   If I took my dog to the vet every time she had a little owie, I would be broke.  (and hey, she will be needing two hip replacements and has blown out her knee because of it…and she has allergies we have to contend with all the time! So, I need to save up my $ for those vet bills!).  In fact, she nearly always has a little boo-boo because she is always clawing at herself to scratch from her allergies and she has this weird habit of lying with her head under furniture and then getting excited, raising up and BANG goes her head.


Trinity as a puppy


Creating your own little first aid kit for your dog (and many of these supplies will be useful with your cats as well) can be a really good idea so that you are prepared for those little minor injuries when they occur.  Please don’t think of giving your pets any human medications unless you have been directed to do so by your vet.

Suggested supplies for a pet first aid kit:

Bandages:  gauze, tape, and a roll of that bandage material that sticks to itself

Cotton balls

Disinfectant (ask your vet for a recommended one)

Hydrogen peroxide – note:  This is NOT recommended for use as a disinfectant on your animals.  It induces vomiting in pets and should be used only for that purpose.  Be sure to call your vet prior to using it.

Saline solution for flushing out the eyes.  We use this quite regularly because my dogs eyes get all “goopy” from her allergies.

Antibacterial skin soap

Tweezers – be sure to get a good quality pair that can handle thorns and slivers

The tweezers that are specially made for removing ticks

Small scissors

Rectal thermometer and Vaseline (a dog’s normal temperature is 38-39 degrees C/100.4-102.2 degrees F.)

Syringe (can be really helpful to use along with the saline solution and similar items)

Skunk Off (or some people recommend tomato juice)

A good first aid for pets book

Liquid bandage

Skin and paw crack care

My vet also has us keep Polysporin (the plain kind..not the ones with extras like numbing agents in them) on hand to soothe and help heal those little cuts and scrapes.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for this kit?  Leave them in the comments please! 🙂


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