The Official Trailer for the Movie “Up”

The movie “Up” has been released on DVD today.  Are you planning an Up party or would you just like a cute little Up themed treat to send in to your child’s class?  You should check out the FAB idea in this month’s issue of Family Fun magazine (also available at their website).  I am wishing I had a little one around so I could make this because it’s just so darn cute!  The cake is actually a grouping of cupcakes, frosted in bright red, blue, green, and yellow (a few cupcakes of each colour).  They grouped the cupcakes on a board or a platter or something similar so that they resembled a bunch of balloons.  Then, they cut lengths of ribbon…one for each cupcake…and put one end of ribbon under each cupcake (hold them in place with a little piece of tape on each if desired).  They gathered the other ends of ribbon together and tied them into a knot.  Finally they placed the knot under a model of Carl’s house…it is a simple printable that you cut out and fold together available from http://www.FamilyFun.com/magazine.  There is also a photo of this project there so you can see just how adorable the final product is!


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