Online Advent Calendars

I love this time of year and Advent is one of my favourite traditions.  Last year I discovered a great online Advent calendar for any of you artists out there.  It comes from Lisa Vollrath at Ten Two Studios (one of my favourite sources for art images and backgrounds and other art supplies) and each day from December 1st until Christmas, she provides a free printable for your use.  I also highly recommend her Monthly Muse newsletter – each month it’s chock full of art ideas and includes any of the necessary printables to make those ideas.  Check out the Advent calendar here:

This year I also discovered another online Advent calendar of a different sort.  Each day a new photograph taken from the Hubble Telescope.  The pictures are amazing!  Find them here:

This Advent calendar is designed for children but adults will find it delightful too.  It focuses on holiday traditions throughout the world and is fascinating:

Another Advent calendar designed for kids but will appeal to kids of all ages!  This one provides recipes, craft, and activity ideas for each day:

This one is from 2007 but will certainly continue to work for this year as well.  Each day of the Advent calendar reveals daily meditations, pictures of the pieces from the Washington National Cathedral’s Nativity set, and podcasts.  This site obviously is one of a religious nature.

At this website, you can create your own Advent calendar using your favourite photographs and then send it to your family and friends free of charge.  Yeah, it’s a little late this year but better late than never or you can tuck this idea away for next year!:

I love Jan Brett’s books and artwork!  Here’s a Jan Brett Advent calendar you can print out and assemble for your own use in your home:


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