More Online Advent Calendars

I found a few more online Advent calendar ideas.  Yes I know we are well into December but it’s not too late to take advantage of these or to file away some of the ideas for future use.

The first one is from  Unfortunately you have to be in the US to take advantage of it.  Each day they allow you to download for free a different Christmas song.

The next two are from a blog I have newly discovered.  The first link is to an Advent calendar she is creating and then allowing readers to download and print out for themselves.  Each week she gives a part of the calendar for you to print and by the end you will have the complete calendar.  To say that this Advent calendar is positively adorable would be an understatement!  The second link is to the calendar she provided last year.  It takes the form of little paper houses you can print off and assemble.  Very cute!


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