My Daybook

Outside my window … The most snow we have had in ages! There’s a good foot out there on the ground and more is falling.

I am thinking … that I really need to get caught up on things around the house.

I am thankful for … having still one more week with my daughter home before she has to head back to university.

I am hoping … to get my blogging goals posted today.

On my mind … firmly establishing my other goals for the next few months/for 2010.  They are floating around in my head at the moment but I need to solidify them in writing.  A big one? To get my home based business/Etsy shop going!

Noticing that …I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I had so many things planned that I would get done over the holidays by now and I have done little.

A few plans for the week … getting those household chores I have been putting off done, meeting up again with some fellow local bloggers for coffee and lunch, getting my blogs caught up again, taking the dog to the vet, and taking my daughter back to university at the end of the week

From the kitchen … TONS of leftover cookies (still have snickerdoodles, white chocolate chip, and peanut butter reindeer cookies left), making steaks for dinner tonight with homemade sweet potato fries and some kind of yet to be determined vegetable, need to put away the leftovers from last night’s dinner away in the freezer for my daughter to take back to school with her (chicken parmesan meatballs that we had along with spaghetti), taking out a pork tenderloin to thaw for tomorrow night’s dinner

Around the house …I want to change some furniture around.  Remove the kitchen table and replace it with the one in our dining area (just a section of the living room).  Move my boyfriend’s desk into the living room where the table used to be.  It’s a gorgeous antique roll top desk and a shame that it’s hidden away in a room where no one sees it.  Plus that room is my art studio and I simply need more space in there to work/store things.  Move the television out of the master bedroom and put it into the living room once my boyfriend can move the hookup for the satellite for it.  Hoping all of this leads me to being able to organize the house a bit better.

One of my favorite things … I have been cooking up lots of goodies to spoil my daughter with homecooked treats and have been spending lots of time just hanging out with her, watching her play Guitar Hero and Rock Band, giggling and swooning over comic book movies, talking for hours.

A picture I am sharing … well actually two favourite pictures from over the holidays!




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