My Blogging Goals for 2010


My blogging goals for 2010:

1) To blog more regularly so that readers can count on finding new content there when they come to call.

a) setting up a blogging schedule and barring unforeseen circumstances following that schedule; having a plan in mind for future blog post topics and writing out this plan

b) doing more blog posts ahead of time and scheduling them to run on certain dates when I know that I will be unavailable that day

c) to make sure all my blogs are linked up to each other and to post updates on each so that readers can do "one stop shopping" – i.e. not have to check out every one of my blogs every day to see what’s new but rather find it all linked on one blog

2) To build up a blogging community

a) to learn how to set my blogs up so that people can subscribe to them and so that I know who is subscribing.

b) to try to find ways of networking with other bloggers by not only reading but commenting on others’ blogs more often, by meeting up in person regularly with those local bloggers I have connected with on Twitter and sharing ideas, to find a blogging mentor or two who would be willing to share some of their knowledge with me, and to keep looking for a blogger conference close enough to me that I could attend

c) to participate regularly in #savvyblogging conversations on Twitter.  I have already learned so much valuable information there but sometimes I feel really stupid for asking the questions I have so I don’t speak up as much as I should.

3) To build up my readership

a) becoming better at reaching out to my readers and responding to their comments more regularly, thanking people for checking out my blogs etc.

b) to find better ways to "advertize" my blogs – right now I just send out notices when I have blogged on Twitter, Facebook, and through email to my writing group – perhaps participating in more challenges/blog carnivals that other bloggers have where I could link up a blog post I have written to their blogs; by linking to others’ blogs more often in my own posts and then making sure I ALWAYS take the time to let them know I have done so

c) trying to make shorter blog posts than I currently do might also help increase readership – I tend to have SO many ideas that I am bursting to "get out there" that my posts become long and rambling and perhaps I am losing people because of that. I personally don’t mind long posts because I am a speed reader and am excellent at skimming but I have to remember that not all people are. Sometimes my posts are so long that between writing out all my ideas, doing research and finding links to put along with them, it takes quite a while to get them ready to be posted resulting in far less regular posting. For example, I did some posts in the fall on apples and pumpkins and they each became quite long. Perhaps it would have been better to do a week’s worth of posts on each subject instead of trying to cram it all into one?

d) putting more pictures into my blogs – I have heard that people tend to look at your posts more when you have pictures included but I don’t always feel that I have any relevant ones to add to them.  I need to take more photographs and to find more sources of copyright free images to use (ones that are at my fingertips as I have sometimes spent HOURS searching for some to use!).

e) not only link up to other people’s challenges/carnivals/themes but setting up some of my own might draw others into my blogs more…maybe tie this in with some giveaways (although being in Canada and having most of my readers in the US, some overseas might make this more challenging – I do intend to at least look into the idea though!)


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