Easter Story Eggs

My daughter loved the Easter story eggs I used when she was younger. I bought a set of plastic Easter eggs – those coloured ones that you can open up and fill with things. Then I filled them with items to represent different parts of the Easter story so that as each one was found and opened, I could discuss with my daughter the significance of each of them. I used these in my class as well with great success. This particular set of story eggs contains 15 eggs and in this way was almost like having a set of the Stations of the Cross at home and in a format more relatable to children.

Egg 1: a little piece of palm leaf from Palm Sunday (alternatively you could use a toy donkey or picture of a donkey if you don’t have any palm leaf available) = Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem as commemorated on Palm Sunday (luke 19:28-38)

2: small bit of matzoh, bread, or cracker = The Last Supper (Matthew 26:26)

3: silver coins = the silver coins Judas was given for betraying Jesus (Matthew 26:14-15)

4: toy rooster or picture of one or even a feather = the cock crowing at the time of Peter’s betrayal of Jesus (Mark 14:29-31)

5: a little piece of purple cloth and/or a small piece of wire = the robes and crown of thorns placed on Jesus at the time of his crucifixion and the way in which he was made fun of (Mark 15:17)


6: cross (Luke 23:26)

7: nail (Luke 23:33)

8: dice = those who played lots for Jesus’ clothes (John 19:23-24)

9: a bit of material soaked in vinegar = the drink of vinegar offered to Jesus while on the cross (Luke 23:36-37)

10: a piece of fabric that is split in two = the temple curtain splitting when Jesus died (Luke 23:44-45)


11: toothpick = symbolizes the spear that was used to pierce Jesus’ side (John 19:34)

12: piece of white cloth = the shroud of linen that wrapped Jesus’ body before his burial (Luke 23:50-54)

13: cinnamon and cloves = the spices prepared and used by the women as burial spices for Jesus (Mark 16:1-2)

14: stone = the stone that closed Jesus’ tomb (Matthew 27:62-65)

15: nothing = the empty tomb (Matthew 28:1-10)


One response to “Easter Story Eggs

  1. Katy McCreight

    I just saw this, and wanted to ask why there isn’t a picture of the most important thing in your life? Me. The dog, the backyard, Sam, but no katy. Unacceptable.

    Love you and miss you.
    Hopefully I willl be up there sometime this summer.
    Have some art for us to play!

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