Caaaaaanaaaadaaaaaaaa We Love Thee

Happy Canada Day!!!  I feel so privileged because I get to call the two most wonderful countries in the world my home.  I was born in the USA but raised in Canada and I am proud to consider myself both American and Canadian.

Today is Canada Day….the 143rd birthday of this amazing country!  We moved to Montreal, Canada in the fall of 1966 – just in time for Expo ‘67 – the World’s Fair in celebration of Canada’s 10oth!  It was an incredible time and I remember the city being alive with excitement, filled with visitors, and bursting with Canadian pride and patriotism.

The official song of Expo ‘67.

In honour of Canada Day, I thought I’d present you with a little challenge.  A quiz on Canada!  How much do you know this great country?  Some of the questions should be pretty easy for you – well if you’re from Canada anyway.  Others…well let’s just say I’ve posted a few on Facebook and even those born and raised in Canada have found them a bit of a challenge.  You can “cheat” and go find the answers on Google if you don’t know or you can wait a few hours for me to post the answers for you.


Question 1:  What are Canada’s two national sports? (hint: there was one national sport until 1994 when it was changed to another – you can probably guess one of them pretty easily but do you know the other?)

Question 2:  Canada is the home of the world’s longest covered bridge.  For this question, you can try to guess how long the bridge is (in feet) or where the bridge is located.  The name of the province will do but bonus points if you can also name the town or city it’s in.  (Hint:  It’s located east of Manitoba.)

Question 3:  What’s the name of Canada’s highest mountain?  Bonus points for being able to also tell where it’s located.  (Hint:  It’s located west of Saskatchewan.)

For you Americans who might be confused, having heard the “American version” of This Land is Your Land, yes, we also have our own version that speaks of Canadian places instead.

Question 4:  How about an easy one?  What are Canada’s two national symbols? (no hints for this one…it’s too easy already…oh okay!!!  One is an animal and the other is not.)

Question 5:  Another easy one….or at least it should be if you’re Canadian.  Who was Canada’s first prime minister?  Bonus points for being able to answer who is Canada’s current prime minister! (no hints!!!)

Question 6:  What is the longest river in Canada?  Bonus points if you can tell me where it is and/or how long it is! (hint:  It’s located west of Manitoba.)

A beautiful scenic version of O Canada.

Question 7:  In what year did O Canada officially become the Canadian national anthem?  (hint: It might not be as early as you think.)

Question 8:  What is Canada’s most northern island? Bonus points if you can name where it’s located!  (no hints…I mean it’s northern so that kind of narrows it down a bit already!)

Question 9:  How many time zones are there in Canada? (hint:  pick a number between 1 and 10).

Anyone for a good old French Canadian voyageur song?

Question 10:  What province has the largest concentration of moose in North America?  (Yeah, you read that correctly.  We’re Canadian.  We love our moose.  Mmmmmm moose burgers!!!!!  Ummm yeah so for a hint:  It’s a province that is east of Manitoba.)

Question 11:  How many national parks are there in Canada? (Just like moose, we love our natural spaces here.  Well, except in the so-called “Forest City” of London, Ontario where I live.  We cut down so many of our trees that it became embarassing to call ourselves the Forest City so we put up metal trees instead.  Ummm yeah.  Ok, so no country’s perfect.  Oh yeah, a hint:  Pick a number between 1 and 100).

Question 12:  Where was the world’s first anti-gravity suit developed? (Hint:  I’m looking for the name of an institution.)

This is NOT your grandma’s O Canada!

Question 13:  In what year did Canada adopt the metric system?  (Hint:  I’ve already told you when we moved to Canada.  It happened while I was still in school.)

Question 14:  What percent of Canada’s exports currently go to the United States?

Question 15:  What Canadian inventor invented the first practical and commercially successful snowmobile?  Or how about, what Canadian invented the game of basketball?  Or what Canadian discovered insulin?  Or what Canadian invented the goalie mask? Or who invented the IMAX movie system?  Or the zipper? Or the tuck-away handle beer carton? (yeah, I know.  I’m just bragging now.)

Question 16:  What’s the name of the world’s oldest chartered trading company?  (Come on Canadians, you KNOW this!)

Ok, so not a song strictly about Canada – it focuses on Ontario only.  But, I first heard this at the Ontario Pavilion at Expo ‘67 (later on Tourism Ontario commercials) and a few years ago my daughter and the choir she was in (shout out to Amabile! performed this song for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  Ontari-ari-ari-o.

Question 17:  Because there was a shortage of coins in 17th century New France (for you non-Canadians, New France is what the area of Canada now known as Quebec was called back then), settlers had to use something else as currency.  What did they use? (can’t think of a hint for this one!)

Question 18:  What famous Canadian company launched a catalogue business based on its founder’s hope that, “This catalogue is destined to go wherever the maple leaf grows?” (I feel like any hint I give would make it far too easy for Canadians.  I will say that I remember getting their Christmas catalogue every year – kinda like the Sears Wish Book now.  Ok here’s your hint:  it was once the largest department store retailer in Canada and when it went into bankruptcy it was acquired and taken over by Sears.)

Question 19:  When did the flag shown below become the official flag of Canada?  Bonus points if you can tell me the full date – month, day, and year.  (Hints:  The year was before I moved to Canada.  The month and day are my mother’s birthday.)


Question 20:  What is poutine?  What is bannock?  What is pemmican? What is Newfie Screech? (Hint:  They are types of food/beverages.  You need to describe what they’re made of.)

Bonus question:  Name all the provinces and territories of Canada.  Bonus points if you can name them in order from east to west (or west to east…I’m not fussy).  Extra extra bonus points if you can also name the capital cities of each!  (You DO know the capital city of Canada right?)


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