Sweet 16


Katy is the tiny little newborn in the middle, pictured her with her big sister Melisa and her big brother Joey.

So apparently a few weeks ago, my niece was reading my blog.  I know this because I received a comment asking me why there were pictures there of my daughter, my cats, my dog, and so on but there was no mention and no pictures of my niece to be found anywhere. So, Katy….in honour of your sweet 16 today, this one’s for you!


Katy, 5 years ago, at her cousin Chris and Debb’s wedding.

Whenever I sit down to work on my art, I think of Katy.  She came to visit us last summer (she lives far away from here….sniff, sniff) and she begged to be able to “play art”.  Yep.  That adorable little term is now a mainstay of my vocabulary because of you Katy.  I pulled out a bunch of my art supplies and Katy, my daughter Sam, and I went to town just being creative.  Now, whenever I’m having a tough day or when I’ve been so busy creating things on deadline that just some free time to be creative in whatever way the mood strikes me is called for, I get out an assortment of art materials and I “play art”.


Whenever I pass by a Burger King, I think of Katy.  I swear that girl could live on Burger King.  Although I’ve been informed that if (hopefully when) she comes to see us again this summer, I won’t be required to take her to BK 20 times.  That’s because I’ll be taking her to BK and McDonalds.  Apparently we have to get fries from one and burgers from the other.  Whatever.  And by whatever, I mean that girl could pretty much get whatever she wants from me.  Except a belly button ring.  I value my own life and safety and will not incur the wrath of my sister….not even for you Katy!


Whenever I see a hubcap, I think of Katy.  I’m not sure I can even explain this one.  One of those allowing Katy to plead the Fifth and avoid self-incrimination things.  I must say, this little incident is indicative of the fact that life with Katy is an adventure and even an old fogey like me can end up doing things she’s never done before.  Next time though can you please not scream so loudly when you need me to stop the van Katy?  I realize it was vital that you get that hubcap before anyone else did (and perhaps there’s some kind of rush to obtain hubcaps from the side of the road I am not aware of) but you scared me because you sounded more like your appendix had just burst than you just desperately needing a hubcap.


Whenever I go to the drive-in, I think of Katy.  You must have said “What in the world???” about 50 times the night we took you there.  I remember Sam and I laughing hysterically…so hard we were in tears…that night and the movie hadn’t even started!  (PS Katy, I’m sorry we took you to see UP.  We were bored silly too. The other movie was better though.  And if you think UP was a bad movie, you should have seen the ones your mom and dad used to take me to see at the drive-in in Florida. Wow.)  I’ve never seen someone so shocked by the fact that yes indeed we were going to remain sitting in the van and yes indeed they were going to show the movies outside.  And then, when Chilly Dilly the personality pickle came on screen….well I really didn’t think we were ever going to be able to stop laughing enough to even see the movies.


I have so many memories of you Katy and they’re all ones that bring a big smile to my face.  You know that expression “Go big or go home”?  Well, that’s you Katy!  You are filled with love for your family and friends.  You are filled with joy and excitement for living.  Best of all, that love and joy and excitement is infectious and all of us who are lucky enough to know you can’t help but feel it too.  Sweet 16 is a term that suits you Katy because you are the sweetest 16 year old I know.  Happy birthday sweet girl!  We love you!


3 responses to “Sweet 16

  1. I bet you are a pretty cool aunt.

  2. That’s our baby. And she is sweet!!

  3. By the way, I thought I was the favorite. Haven’t seen any posts about me……

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