Presenting Melisa!


Melisa on the left.

Today is my beautiful niece Melisa’s birthday. I still remember so clearly the day she was born. My sister and her husband were living in Florida at the time and I went down for the summer so I could be there for the joyous occasion. I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I was. Melisa was the first grandchild born to my parents, meaning that when she was born, I became an aunt for the first time. I thought I was just going to burst with excitement when she arrived!


After she was born, I stayed for a while to help out. It was nice being able to help my sister out a bit but it wasn’t totally selfless. I loved getting up in the middle of the night with Melisa, I loved fixing a batch of bottles for her, I loved helping out with her laundry…I even loved changing her diapers! Any chance I got to hold and interact that sweet girl was just fine with me!


Of course, becoming an aunt also began my quest towards spoiling Melisa as much as possible. Not that I was alone in that…she was not only the first grandchild for my parents but also the first on her dad’s side too! You can be sure that sweet girl never lacked for anything! My Christmas budget once Melisa was born went something like this: Half of the money I had went to gifts for Melisa and the other half was shared by everyone else. Toy stores became a dangerous place for me because if I saw something that I felt Melisa would adore, I HAD to buy it.


Melisa is all grown up and married now to an incredibly wonderful man Patrick. She is kind, generous, loving, and always wants the best for everyone around her. She has a quick wit and is incredibly good at making those around her smile, even when they’re having a bad day. Hanging out with Melisa always means you’re in for some fun, some laughter, and some time where you know you are truly loved. I’m so lucky not only to know Melisa but to be able to call her family! Happy birthday Mel!


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