40 Ideas for Soaking Up Those Last Bits of Summer!

It’s September 1st! Summer is soon coming to an end but there’s still time to enjoy some summer fun. What was on your summer wish list that you haven’t quite accomplished yet? Here are some ideas for some “last minute” summer fun!

1) Get all wrapped up in a book you can’t put down. Even better, read it outside in the hammock or lying on the beach!

2) All too soon it will be time for having your feet all encased in thick socks and boots so why not go get a pedicure now and show it off while you can?

3) Ride a roller coaster! I don’t know about where you live, but here, most of our amusement parks shut down on Thanksgiving weekend – that’s Canadian Thanksgiving not American which means the second weekend of October. There’s still a little time left to get in some fun! http://www.canadaswonderland.com/

4) I’ve always wanted to ride one of those “bicycles built for two”. When I was on Centre Island in Toronto, I noticed that they have bicycles built for about 6 people! Looked like fun! http://www.centreisland.ca/

5) How about doing something child-like? Blowing bubbles, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, making a sand castle, playing hopscotch, or seeing if you can still hula hoop. (Confession: I can’t. I’ve tried.)

6) I hesitate using the expression “staycation” because I really dislike it but how about being a tourist in your own city? Go do something that maybe you’ve never done or haven’t done in ages! I’m thinking a double decker bus ride is in my near future! http://www.londontourism.ca/Events/Annual/Double-Decker-Bus-Sightseeing-Tour

7) Do you still have a drive in theatre near you? We do and it’s always good for some summer fun! They stay open pretty much until the weather is just too cold for it! No drive in? Some places (local libraries for example) will rent out movie projectors and you can set up your own “drive in” in your backyard! Or, our library holds its own outdoor movies. Take a blanket and a picnic of goodies. http://www.mustangdrive-in.com/

8) Put some holes in a jar lid and get out there and catch some fireflies! I haven’t even seen any this year (sniff, sniff)!

9) Have an end of summer barbecue! For something a little different, try this Grilled Marinated Vegetables with Fresh Mozzarella recipe from Epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Marinated-Vegetables-with-Fresh-Mozzarella-106813 Or how about a sunset picnic for two? Here are some great picnic recipes: http://islandtearoom.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/great-recipes-for-a-picnicor-anytime/

10) Go stargazing. I never did get to see the Perseid meteor shower this year…weather didn’t cooperate. But on a clear night, those summer stars sure are pretty aren’t they? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseids

11) Get something from your local neighbourhood ice cream truck! Or here where I live, get it from the Dickie Dee! Dickie Dee is a bicycle with a cooler on the front of it that comes around selling various popsicles and ice cream bars. Everyone, from a very young age, recognized the sound of Dickie Dee’s bells that ring to let you know they’re around. They used to come from neighbourhood to neighbourhood but in 2002 they were sold to Good Humour and know you tend to only see them at outdoor events. (I don’t think they’re even called Dickie Dee anymore but that’s what we all still know them as!)

12) Check out the local fair. Some of ours are spring and summer fairs but others occur in early fall. The one here in my city, The Western Fair, begins the weekend after Labour Day. http://www.realseriousfun.ca/

13) Road trip! Take a drive…maybe to someplace special you’ve always wanted to see or maybe just let yourself wander to wherever the urge takes you!

14) Take some field guides out and check out the creatures living in your backyard…or the neighbourhood park…or a local conservation area. Some will be getting ready for winter! It can be fun to see what you can at this time of year and then go back in, say, November to see what animals are around then. How has it changed? How has their habitat changed?

15) Make a collection of stuff and create “Summer in a Jar” – if you had a beachy vacation, this could be a base of sand with shells, a beach craft you made, and some photos of your time there, for example. http://www2.fiskars.com/Activities/Crafting/Project-Gallery/Other-Projects/Beach-Memory-Jar

16) Go through some of your summer issues of magazines and make a collage out of them.

17) Make a time capsule and bury it in your backyard (now, before the ground is frozen!)

18) Have a bonfire (check local ordinances and make sure you are having one in a place and manner that is both legal and safe) and sing around it. Make s’mores!

19) Check out a few of the last yard sales of the summer!

20) Have a scavenger hunt. Or go on a sound scavenger hunt where you use a tape recorder to gather up as many sounds of summer as you can.

21) Set up a serve yourself ice cream bar. You can put bowls of ice cream over bowls of ice or serve the ice cream from the freezer – either way, have a bunch of dishes of ice cream toppings so everyone can make their own sundaes.

22) What are your favourite summer foods? Have a meal where everyone gets to pick and eat their favourites!

23) Go explore an outdoor farmer’s market and buy some fresh foods to try. http://www.coventmarket.com/

24) Give a goodbye toast to summer with a bottle of bubbly!

25) Feeling adventurous? Go skinnydipping! (no, I’m NOT that brave!!! But, maybe YOU are!)

26) Walk barefoot on the beach! There’s no feeling that compares to that is there? Even better, walk barefoot on the beach at sunset.

27) Hang out some laundry to dry for that fresh air smell to it….even just your bedding.

28) Sit down on your porch and just watch the world go by while sipping a glass of lemonade or iced tea. Or try some of these yummy summer drinks: http://islandtearoom.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/refreshing-drinks-for-the-last-hot-days-of-summer/

29) Press the last of the summer flowers. How to make your own flower press: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/09/made-with-love-flower-press.html

30) Make solar prints. They sell special solar print paper at specialty shops (often science museums sell them) but you can make a version of this by simply using a dark colour of construction paper. Lay some objects on the paper and leave it out in the sun. The sun will bleach the paper that’s exposed, leaving the shapes of the objects in the darker, original colour of the paper. Dickblick sells solar print paper: http://www.dickblick.com/products/nature-print-paper/

31) Have the last of the summer watermelon and have a seed spitting contest.

32) Take some old crusts of bread or other appropriate foods and go feed the ducks and geese at the park before they fly south for the winter.

33) As of this afternoon, we are in the second major heat wave of the summer (funny that it waited until September to happen!). If it’s still really hot where you are, how about cooling off the old fashioned way? Run through a sprinkler!

34) Enjoy the last of those lovely comfortable mornings and go outside to do your morning yoga or other workout routine. How about some Tai Chi? Or just going outside and stretching all over while your body soaks up a few rays of the sun. If you have health and mobility issues like I do, you can do chair yoga. http://www.soundtells.com/YogaSitting/Online/index.htm Note: They say, especially in areas like I live in, that you should go out in the sun without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes each day so you get enough Vitamin D. If you’re staying out longer than that though, be sure to slather on the sunscreen!

35) Another lovely activity to engage in out in the fresh summer air is prayer or meditation. Not spiritual? How about just sitting outside and focusing on nature for a while. There’s lots to see when you pay attention!

36) I’m into making arts and crafts. I’m trying to think ahead to those projects that are better made outside and starting to make those now. For example, I have some little angels that I’m making for Christmas but I like to coat them with spray paint. I won’t spray paint inside because of the fumes (I have asthma so even if shielded they still get to me) so this is a perfect project to engage in now. There are other projects that are really messy or that involve products that need lots of ventilation that you may want to think about doing now.

37) Use the power of the sun while it’s still visible and strong to make some sustenance. How about some sun tea? http://www.ehow.com/how_139_make-sun-tea.html Or maybe making some hotdogs or something similar in a solar oven? Kids love to do this! http://www.hometrainingtools.com/build-a-solar-oven-project/a/1237/

38) Maybe there are some chores that would be easier to take care of now while the weather’s nice. I’m thinking I’d like to give my windows another good cleaning before fall and winter set in – with a dog around there’s always nose prints all over them and with all the birds and bugs we seem to have living in our yard, there’s always other “stuff” all over them too. It would be nice to at least start fall and winter with some sparkling clean windows! I think this would be a good time to clean my van really well too. It’s good to wash it during winter to get rid of all the salt and so on that they use on our roads but then I have to go through a carwash and I never feel like that does an adequate job. And when it’s cold and miserable I never feel like cleaning and vacuuming it out. One last good cleaning is in order! I’m sure there’s other chores you can think of that you might like to take care of now while the weather is cooperating!

39) Labour Day weekend is the last chance to use outdoor pools and splash pads around here. They all close down when the kids go back to school. With the weather we’re predicted to have this week, this would be a great time to go spend some time at them while we can.

40) Make a scrapbook filled with summer memories and do some journaling along with it. Photographs, tickets from events you attended, maps…there’s all kinds of things you can put into it. What fun to look back at this later on! My daughter and I go to a lot of movies during the summer when she’s home from university so I am making a collage of all the tickets from the movies we’ve seen along with print outs of pictures of characters from those movies. It’s not even finished yet and still it makes me smile thinking about the great time we had at them every time I look at it.


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