Celebrate Life!

It’s funny what you get used to. Today is the 12th anniversary of the car accident that changed the lives of my Mom, my daughter, and myself forever. I realize there are many people who have been in accidents who end up with much more severe problems to deal with than we have but still, there has been an impact on our lives. For 12 years now, each of us has been living with chronic pain. For 12 years now, each of us has been living with the diseases that were triggered by that accident. We’ve made a good deal of progress in the last 12 years. And yet, this car accident impacts each one of us every single day; some days much worse than others.

Still, today I am choosing to focus on the positive. I am choosing to focus on what we were told at the time of the accident by the professionals who took care of us. We are lucky to be alive. Despite the extra difficulties that this accident has added to our lives, we are alive. We have had 12 more years of family and friends and hugs and laughs. If it means that I have to endure the chronic pain and the other health conditions that the accident caused in order to have been able to see my daughter graduate from high school and excel at university, to have welcomed wonderful new members into the family (my nephew’s wife, my niece’s husband, and my grand-nephew and grand-niece who just light up my life), to have formed amazing new friendships, to have found my way back into expressing my creativity once again…and so so so much more…then it has all been worth it. Take time to celebrate just being alive today!


3 responses to “Celebrate Life!

  1. I love your attitude and today Cynthia even on a not so good anniversary. I’ve had a not so good day today but I do celebrate the good days – when my grandson talks to me on the phone, when I get a good creative mood going.

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