Christmas Trivia Part 1

1)  What did Danish postmaster Einar Holboll create in 1903?

2)  What does Lucy want for Christmas in a Charlie Brown Christmas?

3)  What was Donner’s original name?

4)  When do the 12 Days of Christmas begin and end?

5)  Who is credited with standardizing December 25th as Christmas Day?

6)  According to tradition, when is a yule log supposed to be selected?

7)  Who was the first person to record the song Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer?

8)  What did Harry Potter get for Christmas the first year he was at Hogwarts?

9)  What is the postal code for Santa’s mail at the North Pole in Canada?

10)  What US president began the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on the White House lawn?

11)  In the song Santa Baby, what does she want him to slip under the tree?

12)  On average, how many US households have a real Christmas tree?

Answers and more questions tomorrow!


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