Christmas Trivia Part Two

Answers to yesterday’s questions:

1)  Christmas Seals

2)  Real estate

3)  Dunder

4)  Christmas Day until January 6th (Epiphany)

5)  Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 CE

6)  Candelmas

7)  Gene Autry

8)  a cloak of invisibility

9)  H0H 0H0

10)  President Coolidge

11) A sable

12)  21%

Today’s questions:

1)  Who was crowned King of England on December 25, 1066?

2)  In what two countries are you given stiffer penalties for breaking the law during the 12 Days of Christmas?

3)  On average, how many US households don’t have a Christmas tree?

4)  Approximately how many candy canes are made every Christmas season?

5)  What is the average number of Christmas gifts wrapped each year per American household?

6)  What US city has received a Christmas tree from Nova Scotia every year since 1971?

7)  Christmas trees grow naturally in how many US states?

8)  Who was the first US President to put a Christmas tree in the White House?

9)  According to tradition, when must the yule log be lit?

10)  When is the Feast of Stephen as referred to in the song Good King Wenceslas?

11)  What historic event occurred on December 24, 1968?

12)  According to legend, what flowers every Christmas Eve in Glastonbury, England?

Answers and more questions tomorrow!


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