Answers to Canada Day Quiz!

1)  What is Craigellachie? the location where the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven in

2)  What’s the name of Canada’s first female Prime Minister? Kim Campbell

3)  What Canadian city was the first to open a subway line? Toronto

4)  Who received the world’s first trans-Atlantic radio message at St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1901? Guglielmo Marconi

5)  Who was the first Canadian born prime minister? (Hint: Sir John Abbott, Sir Charles Tupper, or Sir Robert Borden?) Sir John Abbott

6)  What Canadian creation is known as the world’s first scientifically engineered baby food? Pablum

7)  What explorer was the first to use the term “Canada”? Jacques Cartier

8)  What Yukon town was nicknamed the “City of Gold”? Dawson

9)  Who was Canada’s longest serving prime minister? (Hint: Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Mackenzie King or Lester B. Pearson?) Mackenzie King

10) What name was given to the French women sent to marry men in New France? Les Filles du Roi

11)  What did Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover in 1921? (bonus points if you can name the city in which Banting lived at the time he had the idea that led to this discovery) Insulin and he was living in my city of London, Ontario at the time he came up with the idea that led to the discovery.

12)  What is pemmican? Dried buffalo meat often mixed with fat and local berries used by the Metis to provide themselves with sustenance over the long winter

13)  Hard Red Calcutta, Marquis, and Red Fife are types of what? wheat

14)  Who was the first Canadian astronaut to go into space? Marc Garneau

15)  Who was Roberta Bondar? first female Canadian astronaut to go into space

16)  In what country did the Battle of Vimy Ridge take place? France

17)  Where was the first settlement for free black people in North America? (city and province) Birch-town, Nova Scotia, 1783

18)  What did Jacques Cartier erect on the shores of the St. Lawrence River? a cross

19)  What is the oldest existing company in Canada? The Hudson Bay Company

20)  What are inukshuks and what was their purpose?  Stones were piled into sculptures used for communication and survival.  Traditionally, inukshuks mean someone was here.  They were used to mark places where a special event occurred or as a memorial for a special person, to mark migration routes or good fishing spots, and so on.

21)  What separatist organization kidnapped Pierre Laporte in 1970? The FLQ (Front de Liberation du Quebec)

22)  What city was flattened after two ships exploded in its harbour in 1917? Halifax

23)  What heroine warned Canadian troops of an American invasion during the War of 1812? Laura Secord

24)  Who wrote Anne of Green Gables? Lucy Maud Montgomery

25)  A super easy one:  What holiday in Canada celebrates Confederation? Canada Day


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