Simple Woman’s Daybook October 3, 2011



Outside my window…it’s overcast and chilly.  The leaves are beginning to change colour and the beauty of autumn has just begun.

I am thinking…about my webtv show tonight.  Running through last minute details in my head.

I am thankful…that on Friday I get to bring my daughter home for a long weekend since it’s Thanksgiving.  We also get to spend Sunday with my nephew and his family since it’s his son’s birthday.  YAY!

In the kitchen…I’m making chicken and dumplings.  It’s been a chilly weekend and this just seems like a nice cozy kind of fall dish!

I am wearing…my cosiest sweater and jeggings.

I am creating…more Japanese bound books after getting a lesson on them at the museum yesterday.

I am going…out to run errands today. 

I am wondering…how much the Eldon House diary is going to cost now that I’ve tracked down someone who has a copy of it!

I am reading…my recipe files to plan out our Thanksgiving weekend meals.

I am hoping…to get the laundry finished today.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but the stairs are brutal on my knee (and my orthopaedic surgeon would have a FIT if he knew I was using stairs!) so getting it all caught up would be lovely!

I am looking forward to…quality time with my daughter and my nephew’s family – people at the top of my “favourite people in the world” list!

I am hearing…the sound of the dog snoring next to me.

Around the house…I have a ton of reorganizing and cleaning to get done in the basement.  Our new water meter is being installed. 

I am pondering…some changes that I’d like to make in the setup of the house.  I think moving furniture around will be in my near future.

One of my favorite things…the cute little buttons I made at the museum yesterday!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  not much other than the work on the basement and I’d love to get some of the kitchen projects done that I’ve been working on for my daughter so she can take them back with her after the weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


My almost constant companion, Trinity the 85 lb. lap dog, snuggled up on my lap while I work!


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