30 Days Hath November: Day 6: A Book I’m Reading


I’m a huge Hemingway fan and so when I saw this book about his first marriage to Hadley, I just had to read it.  A fictionalized account, told through Hadley’s voice, it is one of a great romance faced with great challenges, all taking place in the background of 1920s Chicago, Toronto, and Paris.  It’s not surprising to me that author Paula McLain was first a poet as there is a lyrical nature to this book and the poignant story it tells.  The book is based on letters and biographies but McLain’s description of these events is truly mesmerizing.  She draws me in and sometimes I almost feel like I’m spying on private moments between Ernest and Hadley.  I’m fascinated with these characters and there’s a part of me who wishes I had been there to witness parts of these events in person.  I’m reading this in conjunction with A Moveable Feast, also about Hemingway’s time in Paris and an account from his standpoint of his love for Hadley.  It makes for an interesting contrast to see it from these various perspectives.


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