A Christmas Top 5 Friday

1. What gift do you hope to get this Christmas?  I’d like to get some new books – I’m in a reading mood!

2. What gift are you excited to give this Christmas?  I’m giving my daughter a trip to Toronto to see the National Ballet of Canada’s performance of The Nutcracker!

3. Will you go to church on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both? We generally go to Mass on Christmas Eve – either just after dinner or Midnight Mass.

4. What’s your favorite family tradition on Christmas Day?  We haven’t had a ton of family around  in recent years but when we did, Christmas Day was always the Gagen family cutthroat Scrabble tournament!  Now it’s generally the day we go to see a movie – this year, Sherlock Holmes 2.

5. Does your family open gifts on Christmas Eve?  Yes we do.  I grew up with that tradition.  We would have dinner and then go to church.  On the way home from church, we’d take the long way, looking at all the Christmas lights and by the time we got home, Santa had been there.  For my own daughter, she has always had the option of picking whether to open them on Christmas Eve or Day.  She usually chooses Eve but she wanted to experience the whole waking up to the presents thing at least a few times.  I always told her that she was special and so she was always given place of honour on Santa’s tour – either as his very first delivery or his very last.


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