The Month of Possibility

The other day I posted about how I look at “regrouping” instead of making resolutions over on my Cynchronicity blog:  Instead of having a deadline of January 1st for setting goals or making changes, I look at what works with my life and how it flows.  That being said, January is often a great time for me to regroup because the fall and going through the holidays is often so busy.  Then once New Year’s Day is over, there’s a peaceful gentle little lull in my life.  I have lots of time to reflect and plan.


This wheel asks you “How bumpy is your ride?”.  By looking at the diagram you can easily see how in or out of balance the different areas of your life are.  For example, when you look at mine, you can see that I’m fairly well balanced in most areas except significant other/romance, health, and physical environment which are lacking.  One thing I might take away from this is that I really need to make changes to my home – have maintenance work done, take care of and organize some areas so that they are easier for me to maintain on my own.

One of the exercises I like to do when I’m taking stock and regrouping is to create a personal life assessment wheel.  This wheel helps me to think about the areas of my life and how satisfied I am with their current direction.  I have done these before on my own but recently, I came across a website that actually has a tool for creating these wheels – even easier than creating your own (ok the thought “why reinvent the wheel” just popped into my head! Ha!).    Here’s the PDF for it:  There’s also a professional version to use for your business here:  See the diagram pictured above for an example.


I’m also taking part in Andrea Schroeder’s Month of Possibility over at The Creative Magic Academy.  Her classes and blog are wonderfully inspiring and I always feel so uplifted by her words.  To quote her, this Month of Possibility is “A month filled with explorations, experiments, lessons, inspirations, clue-finding missions and special goodies that help you deepen your relationship with possibility.”  Check out the link if you’d like to join in:  I’ll be blogging about my Month of Possibility here so stay tuned!


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