Wishcasting Wednesday: What or Whom Do You Wish to Make Peace With?


Well I suppose that there are people out there, ex-friends, with whom I wish I could make peace.  It’s not for lack of me trying either.  They simply aren’t interested.  It’s not that I want to have them in my life again or that I miss their presence because it became very clear that we aren’t meant to be part of each other’s worlds as we are just too different but I suppose I would like to make peace with them simply because knowing someone is out there with ill feelings towards me just doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m a caring person who tries to be good to others and I never mean to cause hurt feelings.  But, if the other party is unwilling to make the attempt, there’s little that I can do about it.  So, while I haven’t made peace with them, I have made peace with myself and the situation.  Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else weighing on me that I feel the need to rectify and find peace with….and that in itself is a very comforting feeling.  To see others’ wishes, go here:  http://jamieridlerstudios.ca/wishcasting-wednesday-peace


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