About Cyn’s View of Reality

I began this blog as a place to share my writing.  Some of it will be personal in nature; my thoughts, ideas, feelings, and general ramblings on things but I also plan to use this blog as a collecting house of sorts for recipes, DIY and craft ideas, household tips, and more.  Eventually, I hope to establish a regular routine for posting, perhaps even with themed days for each day of the week as  many of my favourite blogs do, but for now, please allow me to simply get my feet wet in this venture. 

I do have some other, older blogs which you may also be interested in.  These other blogs were written in participation with The Soul Food Cafe and as such, some are collaborative efforts while others are independently written but within the participatory context of the site.  The Soul Food Cafe’s main purpose is to encourage daily writing by providing many, many writing prompts to serve as inspiration, as well as a virtual environment in which you can set up characters and participate in collaborative blogs about their adventures (Riversleigh Manor which exists in the land of Lemuria).  Currently, residents and visitors to Lemuria have set out from the manor and are taking part in a sea voyage – a transLemurian cruise on the SS Vulcania which set out on Twelfth Night.  If you are interested in checking out any of my blogs which exist within The Soul Food Café, the links follow.  Please check out some of the other blogs listed there as well as there is such incredible talent there!   Oh and you artists or art-lovers out there should also check it out as we don’t always communicate with words in Lemuria!

My Soul Food Cafe blogs:

The main site for the Soul Food Café:  http://www.dailywriting.net/ : Here you will find a virtual labyrinth to explore.  There are layers upon layers of delightful places to seek out and even with the many many hours I have spent there, I am quite sure that I haven’t even found every corner of Lemuria.  I often feel like one of those early explorers like Columbus and Cartier setting out for a new world.  It’s a lovely sense of “the hunt”, of new discovery and I guarantee that you will never leave the SFC without having learned something new.

The main site for the SS Vulcania:  http://ssvulcania.wordpress.com/

My room at Riversleigh Manor (the story of my adventures in the Manor and around Lemuria):  http://cydlee61.wordpress.com/

The Riversleigh Apothecary (look here for spa recipes, ideas for homemade house cleaners, natural remedies, and so on): http://riversleighapothecary.wordpress.com/

My cabin on the SS Vulcania (the story of my adventures on the cruise):   http://cynsquarters.wordpress.com/

A soon to be established blog about the world around me (look here for information on London, Ontario the city where I live and the various places I visit):  http://cynssurroundings.wordpress.com/

Little Red Apple Tearoom (look here for recipes especially those related to tea, tearooms, and apples; in the future will also contain related posts such as other uses for apples): http://islandtearoom.wordpress.com/

The Way it Never Was Film Society (movie reviews):  http://islandfilmsociety.wordpress.com/

Some of my favourite places in Lemuria (and coincidentally links to some of my writing within those places.  Do be sure to check out more than just my writing though, won’t you? It is such a dreamy place to be.

Murmuring Woods:  (some lovely inspirational writing here) “Beyond Riversleigh, not marked on any map, lies the enchanted Murmuring Wood, where the sylphs and nature spirit play, and the trees talk and brooks babble.  Watched over by Imogen Crest the Hermit, when not at the Lemurian Hermitagea Grand Tour, or at the City of Ladies in Cyberia, but it is usually a place of infinite peace, wisdom, and exploration.  Yet it also contains the magical “Faraway Tree”. where Madame L’Enchanteur is mistress of many mysterious lands.  Herself a mystery, no one has ever been able to predict what will happen in Lemuria.  Yet what is known is that no journey is done, but through the woods, and through the trees

My posts:  http://murmuringwoods.wordpress.com/2007/02/01/devastation-and-renewal/



Taverna di Muse:  “Il Taverna di Muse is a lively place for the participants of the Soul Food Cafe writing collective to post their completed short stories, poems, photography, songs, and artwork.  In addition, the Bluestocking Society meets in the Lounge to engage in lively discussion on a variety of topics.” (quoted from the Taverna DiMuse blog)

My post there:  http://tavernadimuse.wordpress.com/2007/01/01/asking-rosamunde-pilcher-to-the-table/

Arte Culinaria: “Arte Culinaria is a recipe archive specifically for the writers and artists of the Soul Food Cafe and is the offspring of the Taverna di Muse, a literary and arts e-zine.” (quoted from the Arte Culinaria blog)

My posts there:







5 responses to “About Cyn’s View of Reality

  1. What a beautiful job you have done of simplifying the labyrinth of Soul Food, Cyn. You are an inspiration to me. My own blogs are badly in need of some organization, lol. Perhaps, one day in the future . . . . .

  2. Oh you are so organised, this is excellent. I am, as B above, inspired by your having managed to set out the many, many layers of Soul Food so well. Plus what an wonderful introduction to you and your many talents 🙂

  3. This is the beginning of my experience with this kind of creative experience and I do appreciate your clear communications and enjoy experiencing all of the wonderful contributions that are made here. And I love that your blog includes simple thoughts and recipes; the food for the soul!:) And perhaps I will find a voice to share as well. Thank you.

  4. Sarah Joyce Bryant

    This is fantastic! What a great page for resources and direction! Thank you for being SO organized 🙂

  5. You actually pointed out a few places I hadn’t known where in Lemuria, so thank you. I agree with the others-you are very organised and explained things quite well. I look forward to reading much more from you. 🙂

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